Grace and Hope Mission Inc.

"Grace and Hope for everybody,
This our joyful Song;
Grace to fully save and cleanse,
And make the weakest strong.
Hope to cheer you in your sorrow,
Brighten all your way;
Grace and Hope will bring your gladness,
Every passing day."

St. John 14:2
In my fathers house are many mansions

The Golden City
Mamie E. Caskie

The Bible tells us of a golden city. . .
Its pearly gates are always open wide, the walls we are told are made of jasper, but only blood-washed souls dare go inside. Up there the righteous dwell forever, within those mansions bright and fair, where they'll never know a sorrow, and where they'll never have a care. This City has been built by' God the Father, Its splendor and its glories can't be told; there sin and all its woes cannot enter, the wicked shall not walk those streets of gold. A place is prepared in that City, for all the faithful, tried and true; for Christ said to His disciples, "Yea, I'll be coming back for you."  Be ready then and watching for His coming, Be toiling for the Master day by day, the souls that you will win for His kingdom Will give you joy and gladness all the way. Up there we'll tell the same old story, and we will sing the same old song, how Christ saved us for His glory, to Him the honor doth belong.

-Mamie E. Caskie

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Grace and Hope Mission Baltimore
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Gunhild Carlson, President Emeritus
Estelle J. Clasing, President
Amy M. Pooley, Vice President
Marlea M. Gutchess, 2nd Vice President
Bernice F. Becker, Trustee
Helen D. Meewes, Trustee

 Promoted to Glory
Florence E. Mitchell  (Reading PA)
Irene G. Haydt (York, PA)
Mildren E. Bixler (York, PA)
Dorothy H. Sweeney (Jersey City, NJ)
Ruth Carlson (York, PA)

Our Chapters and their Missionaries
Baltimore, MD
Gunhild Carlson, President Emeritus,
Helen D. Meewes, Supt., Karen A. Harp, Asst.

York, PA:
 Marlea M. Gutchess, Supt.
 Lorrie E. Erla, Jacquelyn D. Babcock, Assts.

Norfolk, VA
Barbara Luzzi, Supt., Christine Shifflet, Asst.

Reading, PA
Amy M. Pooley, Supt.

Jersey City, NJ
Bernice F. Becker, Superintendent.

Boston, MA
Estelle J. Clasing, President., Marilyn D. Becker, Asst.

There are those who would deny that God exists
And some squash Christianity as a myth
But we believe with all our heart and soul
That Jesus Christ can make one truly whole.
Would you learn of Him who died for you?
Would you come and bring your children too?

 "I Will"

Our God is not only the great "I am," who is, who knows, who cares, but He is also the great "I WILL" as shown by the following scripture passages, and what a wealth of COMFORT they contain.

I will bless thee ... Gen. 12:2
I will not fail thee ... Josh 1:5
I will heal thee .... 2 Kings 20: 5
I will guide thee ..... Psalms 32:8

I will help thee ... Isaiah 41: 10
I will deliver thee ... Psalm 50: 15
I will give you a new heart ... Ezek 36:26
I will hold thine hand ... Isaiah 42:6

I will not forget thee ... Isaiah 49: 15
I will comfort thee ..... Isaiah 66: 13
I will forgive thee ..... Jer. 31:34
I will restore thee .... Jer. 30: 17